KARAKARA – A new visual novel being released in English June 27

art by p19 from KARAKARA

KARAKARA is an crowdfunded visual novel by industry veterans and it features the wonderful art of p19.
Like the sound of pebbles blowing across asphalt in a hot dry summer wind, KARAKARA takes place in an arid desert world where human hybrids are common. It focuses on two people running a diner outside of town, living average lives filling lunch boxes and running their business, until they find a collapsed girl outside on the road with a large suitcase. And so they keep eachother company and the story begins.

The english version is to be released on Steam on June 27, 1016 and an 18+ patch will be released that same day by DENPASOFT. The Japanese Version (18+) is expected to be released in late July 2016 in DVD format.

You can support the development of this game on their indiegogo page here, where you can get special extras relating to the game!

Personally I’m quite looking forward to the game, as p19’s art is quite nice! Lots of animal girls (:

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